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curved handrails for staircaseNorthern Beaches Balustrades – timber, glass, stainless steel and wrought iron

The type of balustrades you choose for your stairs, balcony or deck is just as important the stair itself. Will paint or polish? Do I go with the warmth and durability of timber or use more modern materials such as stainless steel or glass? Or both? Here is just a sample of the different types of balustrades Northern Beaches Stair Works are able to manufacture and install in your home.

Handrails/ Wall Rails

Every stair needs a handrail of some sort whether it’s part of your balustrade or a fixed wall rail but handrails don’t have to just be there for safety’s sake. Timber or stainless steel handrails/wall rails are a great way to add style to your stair, balcony or deck. Whether it’s a timber handrail that adds warmth to a more cold and clinical glass or stainless steel balustrade, or a hardwood/stainless steel wall rail to accent your existing stair. Northern Beaches Stair Works can manufacture and install custom handrails and wall rails made to order out of your choice of timber/hardwood or stainless steel and milled to which ever handrail profile you like. Shown are just a small sample of some of the types of handrails and profiles we can provide.

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Northern Beaches Stair Works is a boutique staircase manufacturer located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  As demand for our products has grown we now service all surrounding suburbs including Mosman, Neutral Bay, North Sydney, the Upper and Lower North Shore, Inner West and Eastern Suburbs to name but a few.

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